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For You

C-Suite, Mid-Level Managers


You deserve to have your ideas heard and understood especially when your organization’s mission is as important as yours.

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of your psychic energy repairing miscommunication? Would you rather spend that time inspiring your team?


Together, in these one-on-one sessions, you will discover stumbling blocks to clear communication, learn concrete skills to resolve them, and move forward with energy, clarity, and integrity.


You’ll leave each session with practical tools you can implement right away to help you build stronger relationships at work and in your life.

Four 75-Minutes sessions (weekly)


For Your Team

Leadership Team


Do you want to retain your best talent? Do you want your workplace to be known for the kind of culture where people cannot wait to get to work?

After a 20 minute discovery call, I will offer you a series of tailor-made sessions that will meet your team's needs. Through the workshops, you will clear a path for everyone to walk forward with more energy and determination.


Your team will master a shared language about the kind of work culture that helps everyone thrive plus concrete skills so healthy communication becomes daily practice.

Four 90 Minute sessions


For Your Organization

Whole Team 


Whenever there is an organizational shift it’s time to take stock. As the leader of your company or organization, you are poised to ask the big questions. Whom do we want to be at this stage? How do we get there? How do we create the culture that will deliver on our strategy?

I will guide you toward both getting clear on the culture you want and creating a blueprint that will help you get there. The process includes your senior leadership, mid-level managers, and one-on-one sessions to turn healthy communication habits into a daily practice. You and your entire team will have crystal clear clarity and will start employing the practices which will make your organization a place where folks will run to show up.


Four-month process 

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