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Bring These Summer Habits to Work

As summer rolls to an end and we turn off our “out of office” messages, here are some summer lessons to help us nurture ourselves and those we lead. I gleaned most of these from an epic month traveling up and down the East Coast of the US with my pre-teen kids. 1. Open yourself up to PLAY My children, God bless them, have pretty strong personalities. Instead of getting aggravated by the ways our personalities clash, I decided to enjoy them more. I found their antics hysterical. I also think they felt my acceptance. The new dynamic was a lot healthier and more enjoyable, too. What if we adopted a playful attitude toward our co-workers and those we lead? What if parts of their personalities moved from the column of “annoyance” to “quirky antics” which might add more levity to our workplace? When people feel accepted to bring their full selves into the workplace, they will feel more fully present. They might even do better work. 2. Deep PRESENCE Our work lives can be riddled with conflict born of misunderstanding. We ‘miss things’ because we aren’t really listening. Over the summer months, many of us moved at a slower pace. It was easier to be present to what was in front of us. What if we brought that consciousness into our work settings? Inspirational speaker and author, Simon Sinek, offered a simple practice. When speaking to a colleague, put your phone away completely. If it’s in your hand or face up on your desk, the phone will always draw your attention away from the person in front of you. When you give your colleagues your full attention and presence, they will feel the difference. And likely, the issue that needs tending, will get sorted out a lot quicker. 3. Ask elders for GUIDANCE While AI might be pulling our attention into the future, there is nothing like turning around to face the past more regularly. Asking older mentors for perspective and advice can ground us in the work at hand and offer a broader perspective. I was reminded of this when visiting older relatives this summer who gave my kids the best life advice. In the hustle of the day-to-day we can forget to look to our elders in our organizations. They will remind us that even though there are changes coming for our industries, human qualities, honesty, integrity, and living out our values, will keep us grounded. Continue reading the full article here.

Which of these lessons resonate with you? And what lessons from summer do you want to bring into your work life? Warmly,


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