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Working Through War

I have been hearing from so many colleagues how hard it is to move through work since the Hamas massacre that took place in Israel on October 7th and the start of the Israel-Gaza war.

So many of us are distracted and emotionally overwhelmed.

With a listening heart and words of comfort, you offer your teams and communities support so they can continue to function, and support Israel and the Jewish community during this terrible crisis.

I want to hold a space for you to share what is on your heart, to be strengthened and comforted by the presence of colleagues, and to share strategies that will support you in moving through this time.

You are invited to attend one of the sessions on your own or together with members of your team.

In every crisis there is both danger and opportunity. As we hold both, let’s lean into the opportunities before us for greater care and connection.

You deserve this time.

Praying for peace from Jerusalem,

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