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You Are What You Speak

It’s summertime! And a lot of us become very fixated on our diets and what we eat. We want to eat healthier and in this hot weather, even lighter. While we spend energy considering the food we put into our mouths, what if we spent the same amount of time, energy, and attention attending to the words that come out of it?

Considering how we speak is particularly important for mid-level managers. Now in the second quarter of 2023, the insight is as true as ever: “Communication is the glue that holds teams together. In today’s rapidly evolving hybrid landscape, there’s no room for misses due to misunderstanding.” Udemy Business / 2023 Workplace Learning Trends Report.

Mid-managers can be key culture shapers as they model the kind of communication that is valued in an organization. When they feast on a diet of healthy and nourishing communication, their direct reports and supervisors will notice.

What does a healthy communication diet consist of?

Link to the full article HERE.

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