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Build the Work Culture You Want
and that begins with healthy communication

My Packages

Get the Clarity and Insight You and Your Team Have Been Waiting For

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  • discover stumbling blocks to clear communication

  • learn concrete skills to resolve them

  • move forward with energy, clarity, and integrity



  • master a shared language about the kind of work culture that helps everyone thrive

  • learn concrete skills so healthy communication becomes daily practice



  • be guided toward clarity on the culture you want to create 

  • develop a blueprint that will help you get there

This process involves

  • Senior leadership

  • Mid-level managers

  • One-on-one sessions


What People Are Saying


Intellect and empathy … these are the two words that for me describes Dasee's style during a recent facilitation that she and a colleague led.  She brought participants “into the room” across thousands of miles to experience, learn, and make meaning of how we can better respond to challenges and restore energy within ourselves and for others. 

Susan Hengel
Leadership Development Coach

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Dasee is an incredibly talented and skilled facilitator. Her patience and deep listening makes everyone in the room feel seen and heard. She does not back down from tough conversations that can be emotionally charged. She is a beautiful blend of educator, facilitator, coach and mentor all wrapped up into one. I give her my highest recommendation. 

Rae Ringel
President of The Ringel Group, LLC

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Dasee has a wonderful, human-centered facilitation style with a very respectful way of identifying and centering on the core questions. She has a unique way of uncovering the elephant in the room and of facilitating a healthy, authentic yet to-the-point conversation about it in a way that feels very non-threatening.

Xavier Lederer
Founder of Ambrose Growth


My Track Record

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